• It has been a blast working with Erle!

    I had the pleasure of working with Erle on a number of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR video game projects at Electronic Arts. He is an extremely talented, creative, tech-savvy and fun composer, sound designer and musician who would be a huge asset for any game studio. It has been

    Erle McCan
  • Hard working and easy to communicate with!

    I have worked with Erle McCan on many successful games while at IGT. Erle is very hard working and easy to communicate with. He was a highly valued Sound Designer at IGT, and I consider him one of the best. Erle always has a great attitude and brought a

    Erle McCan
  • I would highly recommend him!

    Erie is a great guy to work with. I know when I hand work off to him that it’ll be done to the highest quality. He’s also a very fast learner after a new pipeline and tool was implemented for audio for Tiger Woods, he had no problem quickly

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    Erle McCan