Permission To Breathe

Composer, Co-Producer, lead guitar and vocals

About Permission To Breathe:

“Permission to Breathe formed in 1995, in Los Angeles, as a three-piece band consisting of Bryan Boussard (vocals, bass), Erle McCan III (vocals, guitar), and Matt Webb (drums). Composing melodious pop themes joined with original rock features, the trio started gaining a considerable following, due to their intense live performances. Their exhilarating rock pieces also gained extensive airplay at radio stations all across the California area. The following year they signed a deal with Solid Discs Records, recording what turned out to be the trio’s self-titled debut album, issued in October 1996. Opening shows for bands like Third Eye Blind and Jars of Clay, Breathe continuously dedicated themselves to promoting their creation live on stage.” ~ Mario Mesquita Borges


“An amazing band that combines the passion of classic U2, the intensity of LIVE and the magic of R.E.M. This is a classic debut album!”


“This band takes their Rock ‘n Roll very seriously, a band with a mission!”



“P.T.B. have a fill-flavored sound that relies heavily on articulate instrumentation, solid song-writing and song diversity. Sounds like a hit!”

“Of all the music that has crossed my desk in the past year, PTB gets my vote to strike musical paydirt! Mix a dash of Counting Crows, Hootie & Blues Traveler and get PTB!”

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